{v3i8:Aug2018} Editorial

(This is a web version of the editorial that appears on page 2 of Tumbleweird Volume 3, Issue 8 — August 2018.)

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Dear Reader,

Way back in Volume 1, Issue 2, Logan (the zine’s co-founder and editor emeritus) wrote that we were in this for twenty-four issues. Now that promise has been fulfilled. Welcome to Tumbleweird’s twenty-fourth issue.1 And, I’m sad to say, my last issue.

I’ll try to keep this from getting maudlin. Here’s the why: Basically, it’s not sustainable for me to keep investing the time and energy needed to properly produce Tumbleweird. Taking everything into account—coordination, finance, layout, mailing, distribution, etc.—the zine eats up 40-60 hours per month. And that’s just on my end; other people commit significant resources to this as well and I don’t mean to diminish their contributions in any way. But I can’t keep doing it in addition to my (50+ hours/week) day job. In the past year all but two of my vacation days have gone to the zine. Still, I consider it a great privilege to have been part of this. Making Tumbleweird felt—feels—important.

So what’s next for this rag? I don’t know. If some capable individual out there feels they can take on the responsibility and board oversight, I suggest they email the entire board (addresses above and to the right under “Credits”). Alternatively, Tumbleweird could be sold (subject to board approval, of course). This would require some negotiation, but the price would probably need to be at least enough to repay all member capital contributions (approximately $13,000 as of this writing). The good news is that, financially, Tumbleweird has been self-sufficient since March.2

It’s also possible that the zine will end here. The September issue is scheduled for publication on August 31. If that doesn’t come to pass, I will make sure current advertisers and subscribers—anyone who’s paid Tumbleweird for goods or services not yet rendered—are sent prorated refunds no later than September 30.3 Cris and I will serve as personal guarantors for these payments.

If this is our last printed issue the zine will continue to be available on the web site, tumbleweird.org. We’ll eventually make back issues available for purchase to preserve some access to the print version.

Okay, enough with the exit strategy! This issue has some fantastic material in it. It’s not perfect, but overall I’m proud of what we’ve done here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who helped get us this far: The contributors, advertisers, printers, distributors, patrons, subscribers, readers. The Tri-Cities is a wonderful place and you’ve all made it a little better.

Henry Hopscotch

1 If the numbering seems odd bear in mind that Volume 1 was
six issues. We started Volume 2 when the format changed
from grayscale/5.5 × 8.5 inches to color/10.5 × 14.5 inches.
That was ten issues. Then Volume 3 began with the first issue
of 2018.
2 By which I mean it’s been paying its bills without need for
member funding.
3 If this is the case I’ll also halt the Patreon charges that would
otherwise be processed on September 1.