Submission Guide

Last revised 2/10/2017  7/19/2017 9/19/2017

So you want to submit something for publication in Tumbleweird...

Great! If you write, draw, paint, or just want to improve the Tri-Cities by creating and promoting alternative culture then we want you to contribute!

We're looking for these sorts of things:
  • Local news and opinion
  • Vegan / vegetarian cooking
  • Local wine news and reviews
  • Creative fiction and poetry
  • Food and restaurant spotlights
  • LGBTQ news and events
  • Marijuana news and reviews
  • Concert previews, reviews and info
  • General nerdery
  • Comics
  • Art
. . . or anything else you are passionate about, especially if it deviates from the norm.

Some general guidelines:
  • We want to promote a positive discourse. It’s fine to identify problems or issues in the Tri-Cities, but we would like them to focus on what we might do to solve those problems or otherwise improve the area.
  • Remember to check your text for spelling and grammar.
  • For text, Microsoft Word (.docx) or OpenDocument Format (.odt) is best. Highlight font styles/effects (e.g. italics, bold, strikethrough, etc.)—theses don't transfer when we import to our layout software so we have to redo them manually. If they're not highlighted they can be easy to miss.
  • Email your work to
  • Tell us how you want to be credited! Pseudonyms are okay. Include a tagline if you like (for example: "If you like Submitter McWrity's work, visit his blog at"). We can't promise it will be used but we'll try.
  • For written pieces, try to keep it under 1,000 words if possible. 400-700 words is usually a nice length for articles, but shorter is okay too. No submission is too short to be considered.
  • Within reason, try to provide evidence for any claims you make. If it would be helpful we can insert footnotes.
For those who work better with direction: If you want to contribute but you don't know exactly what you want to do, send us some portfolio material. Maybe you have an instagram feed of drawings you've done or some TXT files of short poems—whatever it is, email it over. We can go through it and maybe come up with an assignment that plays to your particular talents. (Note: It's important to explicitly label this kind of material "PORTFOLIO." If you don't, we might mistake it for an actual submission.)

Guidelines for artwork:
  • Artwork can be emailed to or If it's less than 20 MB in size you can attach it to the email. If it's larger than that, put it on Google Drive or Dropbox and send the link instead.
  • Vector images, when available, are preferred to raster images. Vector always prints crisper than raster, no matter how high-resolution the raster image may be.
  • If the image is raster, aim for at least 300 DPI (though 600 DPI is even better). We can work with lower resolution images but some elements may be compromised.
  • If sending vector, PDF format is preferred. Inkscape SVG works too.
  • For vector, always convert text to paths.
  • For raster images, PNG or TIFF is best. JPEG is okay too.
  • If you're submitting a photo, please put the date and credits in the file name. For example: jan-5-2015, bob smith and john doe, photo by laura parks.jpg
  • If you're comfortable sharing it, please include your city of residence in your email. We like to emphasize geographic connectivity by identifying people as "Kennewick artist Brock Sampson" or "Benton City photographer Dee Reynolds."
  • If possible, include information about the artwork's medium (e.g. "Acrylic on canvas").