Advertising in Tumbleweird

Help support Tumbleweird and get your message out to the kind, woke, intelligent folk of the Columbia Basin who read it—buy an ad!

As of January 2018 we've revamped our advertising rates: Ads are now priced consistently according to their size. Some common ad sizes increased in cost while others decreased. Rates are based on the total area of an ad (width × height) in square inches per the following table:

To make things simple, we've put together some common ad sizes (with examples) and their associated costs, but your ad can be any size that will fit on a page.

(Click to embiggen)
(Click to embiggen)

Ads that are 30 square inches or larger may be run on the back cover (which is always printed in color). The minimum cost for an ad is $18.00. Taxes are included in the figures above.

A new option as of September 2018: Would you rather not figure out the nitty-gritty of print layout on your own? For a 25% surcharge Tumbleweird will design your ad for you. (For example: A quarter-page, color ad is normally $144.39. For $180.48 (144.39 × 1.25) someone from the zine could produce that print copy per your specifications.) Just let us know what information you want included and we'll take it from there (final product subject to your approval).

If you'd like to purchase an ad, just email Here's a handy form you can copy-paste into your email to make sure we get all the necessary info. Once that's received we'll check it over and, if everything looks good, create an invoice and send it to you. We accept payment via check, money order, or PayPal.

Tumbleweird is not designed to generate profit. Everyone who helps produce this zine is an unpaid volunteer. Advertising revenue goes toward printing costs.