Friday, August 4, 2017

Tumbleweird Vol. 2, Issue 6

Tumbleweird Volume 2, Issue 6 — August 2017 is out! Free copies are available now at Green2GoOut and About, and Adventures Underground. And Logan is out delivering copies to other groovy establishments right now.

You can find the digital version on this page.

We have forms and web pages for Subscribing and Advertising in Tumbleweird (also: a Patreon)—if you like the zine please consider helping support it!

Remember, you can also get the zine from our new public distribution box at the corner of Knight & Jadwin in Richland! (But give us till tonight to get it stocked.)

We're doing something special for Vol. 2, Issue 7: The non-address part of any postcard delivered to our P.O. box between now and August 20 is going to get printed in the September issue! Send your doodles, rants, and secret messages to Tumbleweird, P.O. Box 1183, Richland WA  99352-1183.