Advertising in Tumbleweird

Tumbleweird is not designed to generate profit. Everyone who helps produce this zine is an unpaid volunteer. Advertising revenue goes toward printing costs.

If you would like to advertise in Tumbleweird, please use our Advertising Form:
Tumbleweird Advertising Form [381 KB PDF]

November 2017 Special — Custom Ad Sizes
We're trying something new: You can choose the exact size for your ad! Cost is determined by the ad's area—$3.25 per square inch for black & white ads or $6.50 per square inch for color ads (with a minimum total ad cost of $18.00). Maximum width is 9.3750 inches, maximum height is 12.0000 inches. If you would like to purchase a custom-size ad please email us this handy plain-text version of our ad form.
Example: Ms. Mattel has an ad that's 3.55 inches wide and 4 inches tall. The total area of the ad is 14.2 square inches (3.55 × 4 = 14.2). This ad would cost $46.15 if run in black & white (14.2 × 3.25) or $92.30 if run in color (14.2 × 6.50).
Want to run an ad that's an inch wide and 10 inches tall? We'll fit it in!
By the way, we can now accept payment via PayPal and Google Wallet! If you'd like to use either method please email We will send a request for payment through your preferred service.